All Lunatics members have to conduct themselves respectfully and in a friendly manner.

Members will respect others regardless of age, gender, race etc.

Keep political and religious conversations to a respectful level in all channels.

Issues with these mentioned points must be brought to the attention of the Officers.

Regardless, we are not here to babysit people – try to solve disputes among yourselves by default.
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Short list of ranks and explanations behind them.

Guild Master  – Leader of the guild. Responsible for “everything”.

Raid Leader – Senior Officer, second in command.

Officer – Council of officers assisting Guild Master in general management of the guild, organizing raids and other activity and serving as loot council. * Officers equal Core Raider rank on loot council considerations.

Core Raider – Long time active raider who has proven themselves over full tier of raiding to be committed member of the guild. Above Raiders in Loot Council Considerations.

Raider –  Backbone of the guild and by far the most common active raiders rank.

Trial – New members overgoing trial period.



We have 3 main raid days dedicated to Mythic when Heroic is on farm: Wednesday, Sunday and Monday. Wednesday raid is until 02:00 and Sunday and Monday until 03:00.

Invites to the raid start around time after 23:40 and we aim to be ready and clearing trash at 23:45 servertime.

Default assumption for all Raiders and Trials is that you’re attending the raid unless you have otherwise informed.

If you know you’re away in advance, inform us on #mia-away channel at Discord at your earliest convenience with Date of the raid when you’re away so we can plan for your absence.

Failure to report being away repeatedly is subject to penalties.

On Main raids you are only allowed to bring MAIN chars in the guild unless we specifically need something else.

Loot is personal with the exception of BoE epics, which all go to guild bank to help funding feasts, cauldrons and repairs.

If you want to give items you don’t need yourself away we use RC Lootcouncil for that.
Idea is that any persons unwanted items go through this addon/system.
Loot rules for RC Lootcouncil.
BiS Redux is mandatory addon which everyone has to keep up to date. Make a list of items they need there so we can see waht you need.
Core Raider rank reintroduced for the most dedicated raiders.
1. Loot Distribution is based upon both attendance and performance based on logs/analyzing.
2. Loot Priority will be Core Raider > Raider > Trial, Officers will be regarded as Core Raiders in this aspect.
3. Loot will be based on who its the largest / best upgrade for BiS > ilvl upgrade.
4. No Favouritism will be given to anyone no matter who it is. :dollar::dollar::dollar:
5. Majority vote of officers decides who the item goes to. In event of multiple candidates we can raidroll if necessary.
6. Any loot arguments are to be brought up with the officers After the raid not during as we will be handing it out from our own observations via majority ruling and do not want to interupt the raid time.
7. Loot will be given out via best in slot redux lists so the officers know who needs what from which bosses when a piece of loot drops this is the raiders own responsibility to update the addons themselves. We are not responsible for you being lazy.


The following addons are required to be installed and set up properly by all raiders.

Penalty for showing up without mandatory addons for raids is 10k for first offence, doubling up each time it happens.

Exorsus Raid Tools –

Weakauras 2 –

Semi-optional, but recommended:

Deadly Bossmods (DBM) or alternatively BigWigs –


We use Discord as our main method of voice-communication for all the guild content outside of ingame chat functionality.

Every member has to have Discord installed and set up for the raids.
We highly encourage to use the discord outside raids too, as many of us prefer voice over typing all the time to begin with.
You can download discord at
Discord is also available as phone-application for both Androids and iPhones at their respective app stores. Installing it is highly recommended as it allows you to communicate with is if for example, you’ll be late from raid as soon as you know it.
During raid pulls any extra talking and noisemaking is to be kept to zero. Make sure to set up your voice settings so that we don’t hear anything unnecessary and on discord on Raid 1 channel we enforce the use of push to talk. On other channels in discord push to talk is not required.