This page is essentially just a compilation of guides written or filmed by third parties on various subjects. All credits for the specific guides go to their own makers, and as such I will only be providing links to them here instead of paraphrasing them here as our own content.

Links to various information sources

Useful Discord servers you should consider joining

You should always join discord servers of classes you play actively. These discord servers are currently the best sources of class and spec-specific information. There’s also links to various other wow-related discords.

They have their own written guides, help channels for specs and more. Improve your gameplay by joining them and reading the guides ūüôā

Death Knight:

Demon Hunter:











For more wow-related discords head over to ,

World of Warcraft related websites

Best sources of news, information,guides usually regarding WoW.

Class or role specific websites

Tanking guides:

Mage guides

Shaman Guides:

Priest Guides:

More Priest guides and also fight specific healing guides:

Resto Druid & Raid guides:

More Druid Guides


In Lunatics we require the use of following addons for raiding. For managing your addons we highly recommend using twitch client, which can keep your addons automatically up to date (this feature is now free, you just have to enable the automatic updating on Twitch client settings for Addons )

Deadly Boss Mods    OR Big Wigs, personal choice

Weakauras 2

Exorsus Raid Tools

Also useful addon you definitely should consider installing:

Raider.Io Mythic Plus & its desktop client to keep the database up to date.

for the desktop client which keeps your database of scores up to date


Weakauras and you!

Weakauras have become core part of many players basic setting up and we require you to to have the following ones installed. To install a weakauara you have to have the addon and type /wa and click import and paste the string there.

What you should install for raiding and dungeons are the following weakauras:

Battle of Dazar’alor weakaura that we all use

Dungeon weakaura for m+ and regular dungeons


We also recommend you to install weakauras for your own class and specializations that you play. These help quite a bit ūüôā They can be found at


UI customization

Ui customization is always up to personal preference but we have linked some guides and helpful tips for it here:

Actionframes, Raidframes, Nameplates are your main choice of things to customize and addons for this are plentiful.

Some popular ones are Bartender for actionbars, Prat for Chat, Threatplates for Nameplates, and Shadowed Unitframes for unitframes.

Alternatively you have choice of using ElvUI which is basically all in one addon suite¬† which you can set up ( or use ready profiles made by other people, profiles available at Wago.Io. ElvUI can be downloaded at the developers own website at¬†– they use their own client for keeping the addon up to date, Tukui client. If you use elvui, download it ūüôā

Wowhead guide


Battle for Azeroth content guides



Wowhead guide into warfronts

Island Expeditions


PvP & Conquest

Conquest points are available from the usual sources of BGs, Arenas, and additionally new Supply cache drops conquest too.

General guide to conques points



Azerite Traits

Azerite is blizzards new favorite distraction for us that we all love to hate. Unfortunately it’s proven to be pretty annoying system for the most people in how it works, and requires heavy simming to make sense of the usability of the traits. Good sources of information regarding Azerite in general, and which traits you should be looking out for your own spec are Class Discord guides, Icy-Veins, Wowhead

General Azerite guide

Class specific Azerite guides can be found at Icy-Veins under your own class at

Best and up to date listings for how powerful traits are can also be found from Bloodmallet at  and Herodamage but keep in mind that these sims are naturally oriented around maximizing DPS.


Simulationcraft AKA “Simming DPS”

General idea is simple: you simulate various fights based on date you input to it, for example all gear you have in your bags+wearing and find out the best possible combinations of gear to use for each specific fight scenario. For example singletarget boss fights and AOE cleave.

How to do this is simple, you get Simulationcraft addon from after which you log ingame and type /Simc and get the import string there which you can then head over to paste it in to  webpage where you can make it Simulate different scenarios for you. You paste the string there and let it work its magic and find out how you could be doing, or which pieces are the best for each different type of scenario.

For example, comparing your trinkets would result in gear scenario like this:

Leading you to conclude that Frenetic Corpscule and Darkmoon Deck: Fathoms are the best options for single target damage as that was the scenario I was simming there.

More comprehensive simulation guide in video format: